Stippers in Sydney’s HOTTEST adult entertainment provider, established to deliver striking and professional performers of the highest calibre.

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    Sydney Strippers & Topless Waitresses

    Our strippers and waitresses have all been selected for their professional appearance and personal attributes. We pride ourselves on their enthusiasm and professional excellence and aim to provide you with talented individuals chosen especially to meet your requirements. Versatile in the services our agency offers, we can supply you with dedicated entertainers who are assured to make your event a success. We also supply lingerie and topless waitresses, as well as topless and nude striptease acts.

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    Sexy Strippers

    The only worry you’ll have with planning your next rage or BYO is just who you’ll hire. All of our strippers, are aces on all angles. After all, we’ve all seen the prima donnas that have tickets on themselves and we’ve felt the magic leave the room. While our performers are no shrinking violets, they aren’t so far up themselves that they’re just eye candy. What this means to you is that hot bod on the stage is a real person, and is a beauty for company and for fantasy.
    If you seriously want to crank up the volume, you can do no better than adding one of our topless waitresses or topless waiters to the mix. Our shows will no doubt provide the time of your life, but all of our topless waitresses and topless waiters kick things up by delivering a bonus eyeful with your food or drink order.
    Whether male or female, whether stripper or server, you are sure to find who you’re looking for here at Sydney Strippers. Our staff of top strippers and topless waitresses and waiters will exceed your expectations.