Prices for Strippers, Waitresses and Waiters within a 15km radius of CBD. Extra charge for bookings outside this area.

Please note it is a minimum booking of 2 hours for all lingerie and Topless Barmaids and Topless Waiters!!!!!


 Show descriptions are example only as each performer is different. Travel charges apply outside 15km radius sydney CBD

Topless Poker Dealer
Duration varies • $150ph

Are you having a poker night? We have Topless Poker Dealers Available for all your games night needs… min 2 hour booking

Nude waitresses
Duration varies • $250ph

This one speaks for itself … min 2 hour bookings

Topless Waitresses
Duration varies • $150ph

Add a bit more excitement to your party with some amazing Topless waitresses to serve drinks. You can even tip the girls for upgrade or lap dances .. min 2 hour bookings

Lingering/ Bikini waitressing
Duration varies • $130ph

Do you need girls to serve drinks at your next party, this option is best when you don’t want girls exposed to much but just want to add a slight thrill to your event. Min 2 hour bookings

Girl on girl Show
Duration varies • $900

For the Ultimate Party!! Two girls are better then one, with kissing, touching and using vibrators and double ended dildos…

XXX Vibe With The Lot
Duration varies • $500

Watch all our shows rolled into one! Your amazing lady of choice will get hot and steamy for you with a raunchy, strawberry and cream, bubble bath and hot vibe show. 25-30 minutes

XXX Vibe Show
Duration varies • $450

This is for our naughtier parties..Including a raunchy strip show to get the crowd all heated up and then insertion of vibrators, toys or pearls…

Raunchy With The Lot
Duration varies • $400

A raunchy full nude, strip show involving the guest of honour. This strip show will include moisturiser and creams, strawberry and cream eaten off your show girl & end with a bubble bath 20-25min show

Bubble Bath Show
Duration varies • $420

See one of our beautiful show girls getting wet and wild in our special bubble bath show. This will start out as Raunchy show & end up wet and wild. 15-20 min show

Strawberries & Cream Show
Duration varies • $420

Enjoy eating strawberries and cream off your smoking hot show girl – the perfect tease 15-20 minute show

Raunchy Strip Show
Duration varies • $400

One of our beautiful ladies will strip down to their g-string and perform a Choreographed strip tease in themed costume with moisturiser, lollies and creams. 10-15 minute show