Prices for Strippers, Waitresses and Waiters within a 10km radius of CBD. Extra charge for bookings outside this area.

Please note it is a minimum booking of 2 hours for all lingerie and Topless Barmaids and Topless Waiters!!!!!


Raunchy Show

This is a great show to get any party started, your girl wiAndrade it all off and pay special attention to  the buck/ birthday boy. Great as some tame entertainment.

Open Leg Pearl Show

This show is the same as a raunchy show only with with a special little extra somethinHe’ll watch as your girl takes it all off then shows you a little hidden surprise… Pearls !

Bubble Bath 

Nothing better than watching your dancer cleaning up all the mess she has made in her raunchy show by finishing up in a bubble bath, enjoy while you watch her clean every part of her body with a sponge and if your lucky she may even ask you to help.

Strawberries & Cream

Hope you enjoy desert because this show does just that. Have your dancer feed you with whipped cream and strawberries off her hot body you will never look at desert the same again.

Raunchy with the Lot

Having trouble choosing shows why not pick all three. Raunchy with the lot combines a Raunchy show, Strawberries & Cream and a Bubble Bath.

Hot Vibe

Not satisfied yet? well this is the show for you . Have one of our sexy ladies perform a show using Toys whether it be a vibrater, pearls or maybe something else this show will have your mouth watering.

Hot Vibe & Bubble Bath

show getting to hot to handle? watch your dancer perform her Vibe show then cool herself off with a sexy bubble bath including the Buck.

Fruit & Veg

not getting enough of your fruit and veggies? let one of our dancers show you what tricks she can do while she uses food as instruments (same as hot vibe) and after she is done she will feed you.

Hot Vibe with Everything

can’t decide why not include everything starting with Strawberries & Cream, Hot Vibe Show and Bubble Bath.

Double Lesbian Show

Watch 2 of our sexy ladies get it on right infront of your eyes. Watch all your fantasies come true at once . MUST SEE SHOW!!!!!

********SPECIALITY SHOWS*******


G-String Show

This is a perfect show to get the party started. Have one of our sexy guys put on a show for while still keeping something to the imagination!

Nude Strip

want to see a little more?? have one of our sexy guys dance for you and really show you everything his got!!!!    

Raunchy Show

Now we are talking, This 20min show is a favorite amongst hen’s, help oil up the chest of you’re hot dancer while he get’s his gear off for you!!! Must see show!!         

Strawberries & Cream Show

having a craving for something sweet? then this is the show for you! Enjoy licking strawberries and cream off a rock hard body with the dancer of your choice! Not for the shy!!!